TypeCoercion Object

TypeCoercion is a Scala object that defines the type coercion rules for Spark Analyzer.

Defining Type Coercion Rules (For Spark Analyzer) — typeCoercionRules Method

typeCoercionRules(conf: SQLConf): List[Rule[LogicalPlan]]

typeCoercionRules is a collection of Catalyst rules to transform logical plans (in the order of execution):

  1. InConversion

  2. WidenSetOperationTypes

  3. PromoteStrings

  4. DecimalPrecision

  5. BooleanEquality

  6. FunctionArgumentConversion

  7. ConcatCoercion

  8. EltCoercion

  9. CaseWhenCoercion

  10. IfCoercion

  11. StackCoercion

  12. Division

  13. ImplicitTypeCasts

  14. DateTimeOperations

  15. WindowFrameCoercion

typeCoercionRules is used exclusively when Analyzer is requested for batches.

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