UnresolvedGenerator Expression

UnresolvedGenerator is a Generator that represents an unresolved generator in a logical query plan.

UnresolvedGenerator is created exclusively when AstBuilder is requested to withGenerate (as part of Generate logical operator) for SQL’s LATERAL VIEW (in SELECT or FROM clauses).

// SQLs borrowed from https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/LanguageManual+LateralView
val sqlText = """
  SELECT pageid, adid
  FROM pageAds LATERAL VIEW explode(adid_list) adTable AS adid
// Register pageAds table
  ("front_page", Array(1, 2, 3)),
  ("contact_page", Array(3, 4, 5)))
  .toDF("pageid", "adid_list")
val query = sql(sqlText)
val logicalPlan = query.queryExecution.logical
scala> println(logicalPlan.numberedTreeString)
00 'Project ['pageid, 'adid]
01 +- 'Generate 'explode('adid_list), false, adtable, ['adid]
02    +- 'UnresolvedRelation `pageAds`

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.plans.logical.Generate
val generator = logicalPlan.collectFirst { case g: Generate => g.generator }.get

scala> :type generator

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.analysis.UnresolvedGenerator
scala> generator.isInstanceOf[UnresolvedGenerator]
res1: Boolean = true

UnresolvedGenerator can never be resolved (and is replaced at analysis phase).

Given UnresolvedGenerator can never be resolved it should not come as a surprise that it cannot be evaluated either (i.e. produce a value given an internal row). When requested to evaluate, UnresolvedGenerator simply reports a UnsupportedOperationException.

Cannot evaluate expression: [this]

UnresolvedGenerator is resolved to a concrete Generator expression when ResolveFunctions logical resolution rule is executed.

UnresolvedGenerator is similar to UnresolvedFunction and differs mostly by the type (to make Spark development with Scala easier?)

Creating UnresolvedGenerator Instance

UnresolvedGenerator takes the following when created:

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