JsonToStructs Unary Expression

JsonToStructs is a unary expression with timezone support and CodegenFallback.

JsonToStructs is created to represent from_json function.

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.from_json
val jsonCol = from_json($"json", new StructType())

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.JsonToStructs
val jsonExpr = jsonCol.expr.asInstanceOf[JsonToStructs]
scala> println(jsonExpr.numberedTreeString)
00 jsontostructs('json, None)
01 +- 'json

JsonToStructs is a ExpectsInputTypes expression.


JsonToStructs uses JacksonParser in FAILFAST mode that simply fails early when a corrupted/malformed record is found (and hence does not support columnNameOfCorruptRecord JSON option).

Table 1. JsonToStructs’s Properties
Property Description


Function that converts Seq[InternalRow] into…​FIXME


Enabled (i.e. true)


JacksonParser with rowSchema and JSON options

JSON options are made up of the input options with mode option as FAILFAST and the input time zone as the default time zone.


StructType that…​FIXME

  • schema when of type StructType

  • StructType of the elements in schema when of type ArrayType

Creating JsonToStructs Instance

JsonToStructs takes the following when created:

JsonToStructs initializes the internal registries and counters.

Parsing Table Schema for String Literals — validateSchemaLiteral Method

validateSchemaLiteral(exp: Expression): StructType

validateSchemaLiteral requests CatalystSqlParser to parseTableSchema for Literal of StringType.

For any other non-StringType types, validateSchemaLiteral reports a AnalysisException:

Expected a string literal instead of [expression]

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