HintInfo takes a single broadcast flag when created.

HintInfo is created when:

  1. Dataset.broadcast function is used

  2. ResolveBroadcastHints logical resolution rule is executed (and resolves UnresolvedHint logical operators)

  3. ResolvedHint and Statistics are created

  4. InMemoryRelation is requested for computeStats (when sizeInBytesStats is 0)

  5. HintInfo is requested to resetForJoin

broadcast is used to…​FIXME

broadcast is off (i.e. false) by default.

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.plans.logical.HintInfo
val broadcastOff = HintInfo()

scala> println(broadcastOff.broadcast)

val broadcastOn = broadcastOff.copy(broadcast = true)
scala> println(broadcastOn)

val broadcastOff = broadcastOn.resetForJoin
scala> println(broadcastOff.broadcast)

resetForJoin Method

resetForJoin(): HintInfo


resetForJoin is used when SizeInBytesOnlyStatsPlanVisitor is requested to visitIntersect and visitJoin.

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