OnHeapColumnVector is a concrete WritableColumnVector that…​FIXME

OnHeapColumnVector is created when:

Allocating Column Vectors — allocateColumns Static Method

OnHeapColumnVector[] allocateColumns(int capacity, StructType schema) (1)
OnHeapColumnVector[] allocateColumns(int capacity, StructField[] fields)
  1. Simply converts StructType to StructField[] and calls the other allocateColumns

allocateColumns creates an array of OnHeapColumnVector for every field (to hold capacity number of elements of the data type per field).


allocateColumns is used when:

  • AggregateHashMap is created

  • InMemoryTableScanExec is requested to createAndDecompressColumn

  • VectorizedParquetRecordReader is requested to initBatch (with ON_HEAP memory mode)

  • OrcColumnarBatchReader is requested to initBatch (with ON_HEAP memory mode)

  • ColumnVectorUtils is requested to convert an iterator of rows into a single ColumnBatch (aka toBatch)

Creating OnHeapColumnVector Instance

OnHeapColumnVector takes the following when created:

  • Number of elements to hold in a vector (aka capacity)

  • Data type of the elements stored

When created, OnHeapColumnVector reserveInternal (for the given capacity) and reset.

reserveInternal Method

void reserveInternal(int newCapacity)
reserveInternal is part of WritableColumnVector Contract to…​FIXME.


reserveNewColumn Method

OnHeapColumnVector reserveNewColumn(int capacity, DataType type)
reserveNewColumn is part of WritableColumnVector Contract to…​FIXME.


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