BroadcastDistribution is a Distribution that indicates to use one partition only and…​FIXME.

BroadcastDistribution is created when:

  1. BroadcastHashJoinExec is requested for required child output distributions (with HashedRelationBroadcastMode of the build join keys)

  2. BroadcastNestedLoopJoinExec is requested for required child output distributions (with IdentityBroadcastMode)

BroadcastDistribution takes a BroadcastMode when created.

BroadcastDistribution is converted to a BroadcastExchangeExec physical operator when EnsureRequirements physical query plan optimization is executed (and enforces partition requirements for data distribution and ordering).

createPartitioning Method

createPartitioning(numPartitions: Int): Partitioning
createPartitioning is part of Distribution Contract to create a Partitioning for a given number of partitions.


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