SizeInBytesOnlyStatsPlanVisitor — LogicalPlanVisitor for Total Size (in Bytes) Statistic Only

SizeInBytesOnlyStatsPlanVisitor is a LogicalPlanVisitor that computes a single dimension for plan statistics, i.e. the total size (in bytes).

default Method

default(p: LogicalPlan): Statistics
default is part of LogicalPlanVisitor Contract to compute the size statistic (in bytes) of a logical operator.

default requests a leaf logical operator for the statistics or creates a Statistics with the product of the sizeInBytes statistic of every child operator.

default uses the cache of the estimated statistics of a logical operator so the statistics of an operator is computed once until it is invalidated.

visitIntersect Method

visitIntersect(p: Intersect): Statistics
visitIntersect is part of LogicalPlanVisitor Contract to…​FIXME.


visitJoin Method

visitJoin(p: Join): Statistics
visitJoin is part of LogicalPlanVisitor Contract to…​FIXME.


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