Literal Leaf Expression

Literal is a leaf expression that is created to represent a Scala value of a specific type.

Literal is created when…​MEFIXME

Table 1. Literal’s Properties
Property Description


Enabled (i.e. true)


Enabled when value is null

Creating Literal Instance — create Object Method

create(v: Any, dataType: DataType): Literal

create uses CatalystTypeConverters helper object to convert the input v Scala value to a Catalyst rows or types and creates a Literal (with the Catalyst value and the input DataType).

create is used when…​FIXME

Creating Literal Instance

Literal takes the following when created:

Generating Java Source Code (ExprCode) For Code-Generated Expression Evaluation — doGenCode Method

doGenCode(ctx: CodegenContext, ev: ExprCode): ExprCode
doGenCode is part of Expression Contract to generate a Java source code (ExprCode) for code-generated expression evaluation.


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