ExecutedCommandExec Leaf Physical Operator for Command Execution

ExecutedCommandExec is a leaf physical operator for executing logical commands with side effects.

ExecutedCommandExec runs a command and caches the result in sideEffectResult internal attribute.

Table 1. ExecutedCommandExec’s Methods
Method Description


Executes ExecutedCommandExec physical operator (and produces a result as an RDD of internal binary rows




Executing Logical RunnableCommand and Caching Result As InternalRows — sideEffectResult Internal Lazy Attribute

sideEffectResult: Seq[InternalRow]

sideEffectResult requests RunnableCommand to run (that produces a Seq[Row]) and converts the result to Catalyst types using a Catalyst converter function for the schema.

sideEffectResult is used when ExecutedCommandExec is requested for executeCollect, executeToIterator, executeTake, doExecute.

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