ParseToDate Expression

ParseToDate is a RuntimeReplaceable expression that represents the to_date function (in logical query plans).

// DEMO to_date(e: Column): Column
// DEMO to_date(e: Column, fmt: String): Column

As a RuntimeReplaceable expression, ParseToDate is replaced by Catalyst Optimizer with the child expression:

  • Cast(left, DateType) for to_date(e: Column): Column function

  • Cast(Cast(UnixTimestamp(left, format), TimestampType), DateType) for to_date(e: Column, fmt: String): Column function

// FIXME DEMO Conversion to `Cast(left, DateType)`
// FIXME DEMO Conversion to `Cast(Cast(UnixTimestamp(left, format), TimestampType), DateType)`

Creating ParseToDate Instance

ParseToDate takes the following when created:

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