DataSourceV2ScanExec Leaf Physical Operator

DataSourceV2ScanExec is a leaf physical operator that represents a DataSourceV2Relation logical operator at execution time.

A DataSourceV2Relation logical operator is created exclusively when DataFrameReader is requested to "load" data (as a DataFrame) (from a data source with ReadSupport).

DataSourceV2ScanExec supports ColumnarBatchScan with vectorized batch decoding (when created for a DataSourceReader that supports it, i.e. the DataSourceReader is a SupportsScanColumnarBatch with the enableBatchRead flag enabled).

DataSourceV2ScanExec is also a DataSourceV2StringFormat, i.e…​.FIXME

DataSourceV2ScanExec is created exclusively when DataSourceV2Strategy execution planning strategy is executed (i.e. applied to a logical plan) and finds a DataSourceV2Relation logical operator.

DataSourceV2ScanExec gives the single input RDD as the only input RDD of internal rows (when WholeStageCodegenExec physical operator is executed).

Executing Physical Operator (Generating RDD[InternalRow]) — doExecute Method

doExecute(): RDD[InternalRow]
doExecute is part of SparkPlan Contract to generate the runtime representation of a structured query as a distributed computation over internal binary rows on Apache Spark (i.e. RDD[InternalRow]).


supportsBatch Property

supportsBatch: Boolean
supportsBatch is part of ColumnarBatchScan Contract to control whether the physical operator supports vectorized decoding or not.

supportsBatch is enabled (true) only when the DataSourceReader is a SupportsScanColumnarBatch with the enableBatchRead flag enabled.

enableBatchRead flag is enabled by default.

supportsBatch is disabled (i.e. false) otherwise.

Creating DataSourceV2ScanExec Instance

DataSourceV2ScanExec takes the following when created:

DataSourceV2ScanExec initializes the internal properties.

Creating Input RDD of Internal Rows — inputRDD Internal Property

inputRDD: RDD[InternalRow]
inputRDD is a Scala lazy value which is computed once when accessed and cached afterwards.

inputRDD branches off per the type of the DataSourceReader:

  1. For a ContinuousReader in Spark Structured Streaming, inputRDD is a ContinuousDataSourceRDD that…​FIXME

  2. For a SupportsScanColumnarBatch with the enableBatchRead flag enabled, inputRDD is a DataSourceRDD with the batchPartitions

  3. For all other types of the DataSourceReader, inputRDD is a DataSourceRDD with the partitions.

inputRDD is used when DataSourceV2ScanExec physical operator is requested for the input RDDs and to execute.

Internal Properties

Name Description


Input partitions of ColumnarBatches (Seq[InputPartition[ColumnarBatch]])


Input partitions of InternalRows (Seq[InputPartition[InternalRow]])

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