AvroDataToCatalyst Unary Expression

AvroDataToCatalyst is a unary expression that represents from_avro function in a structured query.

AvroDataToCatalyst takes the following when created:

Generating Java Source Code (ExprCode) For Code-Generated Expression Evaluation — doGenCode Method

doGenCode(ctx: CodegenContext, ev: ExprCode): ExprCode
doGenCode is part of Expression Contract to generate a Java source code (ExprCode) for code-generated expression evaluation.

doGenCode requests the CodegenContext to generate code to reference this AvroDataToCatalyst instance.

In the end, doGenCode defineCodeGen with the function f that uses nullSafeEval.

nullSafeEval Method

nullSafeEval(input: Any): Any
nullSafeEval is part of the UnaryExpression Contract to…​FIXME.


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