AggregateWindowFunction Contract — Declarative Window Aggregate Function Expressions

AggregateWindowFunction is the extension of the DeclarativeAggregate Contract for declarative aggregate function expressions that are also WindowFunction expressions.

package org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions

abstract class AggregateWindowFunction extends DeclarativeAggregate with WindowFunction {
  self: Product =>
  // No required properties (vals and methods) that have no implementation

AggregateWindowFunction uses IntegerType as the data type of the result of evaluating itself.

AggregateWindowFunction is nullable by default.

As a WindowFunction expression, AggregateWindowFunction uses a SpecifiedWindowFrame (with the RowFrame frame type, the UnboundedPreceding lower and the CurrentRow upper frame boundaries) as the frame.

AggregateWindowFunction is a DeclarativeAggregate expression that does not support merging (two aggregation buffers together) and throws an UnsupportedOperationException whenever requested for it.

Window Functions do not support merging.
Table 1. AggregateWindowFunctions (Direct Implementations)
AggregateWindowFunction Description




Window functions that require the size of the current window for calculation

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