UnresolvedFunction Unevaluable Expression — Logical Representation of Functions in Queries

UnresolvedFunction is an Catalyst expression that represents a function (application) in a logical query plan.

UnresolvedFunction is created as a result of the following:

UnresolvedFunction can never be resolved (and is replaced at analysis phase).

UnresolvedFunction is first looked up in LookupFunctions logical rule and then resolved in ResolveFunctions logical resolution rule.

Given UnresolvedFunction can never be resolved it should not come as a surprise that it cannot be evaluated either (i.e. produce a value given an internal row). When requested to evaluate, UnresolvedFunction simply reports a UnsupportedOperationException.

Cannot evaluate expression: [this]
Unevaluable expressions are expressions that have to be replaced by some other expressions during analysis or optimization (or they fail analysis).
Use Catalyst DSL’s function or distinctFunction to create a UnresolvedFunction with isDistinct flag off and on, respectively.
// Using Catalyst DSL to create UnresolvedFunctions
import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.dsl.expressions._

// Scala Symbols supported only
val f = 'f.function()
scala> :type f

scala> f.isDistinct
res0: Boolean = false

val g = 'g.distinctFunction()
scala> g.isDistinct
res1: Boolean = true

Creating UnresolvedFunction (With Database Undefined) — apply Factory Method

apply(name: String, children: Seq[Expression], isDistinct: Boolean): UnresolvedFunction

apply creates a FunctionIdentifier with the name and no database first and then creates a UnresolvedFunction with the FunctionIdentifier, children and isDistinct flag.


apply is used when:

Creating UnresolvedFunction Instance

UnresolvedFunction takes the following when created:

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