Demo: groupByKey Streaming Aggregation in Update Mode

The example shows Dataset.groupByKey streaming operator to count rows in Update output mode.

In other words, it is an example of using Dataset.groupByKey with count aggregation function to count customer orders (T) per zip code (K).

Complete Spark Structured Streaming Application
package pl.japila.spark.examples

import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession
import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.{OutputMode, Trigger}

object GroupByKeyStreamingApp extends App {

  val inputTopic = "GroupByKeyApp-input"
  val appName = this.getClass.getSimpleName.replace("$", "")

  val spark = SparkSession.builder
  import spark.implicits._

  case class Order(id: Long, zipCode: String)

  // Input (source node)
  val orders = spark
    .option("startingOffsets", "latest")
    .option("subscribe", inputTopic)
    .option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", ":9092")
    .select($"offset" as "id", $"value" as "zipCode") // FIXME Use csv, json, avro

  // Processing logic
  // groupByKey + count
  val byZipCode = (o: Order) => o.zipCode
  val ordersByZipCode = orders.groupByKey(byZipCode)

  import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.count
  val typedCountCol = (count("zipCode") as "count").as[String]
  val counts = ordersByZipCode
    .select($"value" as "zip_code", $"count")

  // Output (sink node)
  import scala.concurrent.duration._
    .outputMode(OutputMode.Update)  // FIXME Use Complete


  • The example with customer orders and postal codes is borrowed from Apache Beam’s Using GroupByKey Programming Guide.

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