StateStoreProviderId — Unique Identifier of State Store Provider

StateStoreProviderId is a unique identifier of a state store provider with the following properties:

In other words, StateStoreProviderId is a StateStoreId with the run ID that is different every restart.

StateStoreProviderId is used by the following execution components:

StateStoreProviderId is created (directly or using apply factory method) when:

Creating StateStoreProviderId — apply Factory Method

  stateInfo: StatefulOperatorStateInfo,
  partitionIndex: Int,
  storeName: String): StateStoreProviderId

apply simply creates a new StateStoreProviderId for the StatefulOperatorStateInfo, the partition and the store name.

Internally, apply requests the StatefulOperatorStateInfo for the checkpoint directory (aka checkpointLocation) and the stateful operator ID and creates a new StateStoreId (with the partitionIndex and storeName).

In the end, apply requests the StatefulOperatorStateInfo for the run ID of a streaming query and creates a new StateStoreProviderId (together with the run ID).


apply is used when:

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