groupByKey Operator — Streaming Aggregation


groupByKey[K: Encoder](func: T => K): KeyValueGroupedDataset[K, T]

groupByKey operator creates a KeyValueGroupedDataset (with keys of type K and rows of type T) to apply aggregation functions over groups of rows (of type T) by key (of type K) per the given func key-generating function.

The type of the input argument of func is the type of rows in the Dataset (i.e. Dataset[T]).

groupByKey simply applies the func function to every row (of type T) and associates it with a logical group per key (of type K).

func: T => K

Internally, groupByKey creates a structured query with the AppendColumns unary logical operator (with the given func and the analyzed logical plan of the target Dataset that groupByKey was executed on) and creates a new QueryExecution.

In the end, groupByKey creates a KeyValueGroupedDataset with the following:

  • Encoders for K keys and T rows

  • The new QueryExecution (with the AppendColumns unary logical operator)

  • The output schema of the analyzed logical plan

  • The new columns of the AppendColumns logical operator (i.e. the attributes of the key)

scala> :type sq

val baseCode = 'A'.toInt
val byUpperChar = (n: java.lang.Long) => (n % 3 + baseCode).toString
val kvs = sq.groupByKey(byUpperChar)

scala> :type kvs

// Peeking under the surface of KeyValueGroupedDataset
import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.plans.logical.AppendColumns
val appendColumnsOp = kvs.queryExecution.analyzed.collect { case ac: AppendColumns => ac }.head
scala> println(appendColumnsOp.newColumns)

Example: Aggregating Orders Per Zip Code

Example: Aggregating Metrics Per Device

The following example code shows how to apply groupByKey operator to a structured stream of timestamped values of different devices.

// input stream
import java.sql.Timestamp
val signals = spark.
  option("rowsPerSecond", 1).
  withColumn("value", $"value" % 10)  // <-- randomize the values (just for fun)
  withColumn("deviceId", lit(util.Random.nextInt(10))). // <-- 10 devices randomly assigned to values
  as[(Timestamp, Long, Int)] // <-- convert to a "better" type (from "unpleasant" Row)

// stream processing using groupByKey operator
// groupByKey(func: ((Timestamp, Long, Int)) => K): KeyValueGroupedDataset[K, (Timestamp, Long, Int)]
// K becomes Int which is a device id
val deviceId: ((Timestamp, Long, Int)) => Int = { case (_, _, deviceId) => deviceId }
scala> val signalsByDevice = signals.groupByKey(deviceId)
signalsByDevice: org.apache.spark.sql.KeyValueGroupedDataset[Int,(java.sql.Timestamp, Long, Int)] = org.apache.spark.sql.KeyValueGroupedDataset@19d40bc6

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