flatMapGroupsWithState Operator — Arbitrary Stateful Streaming Aggregation (with Explicit State Logic)

KeyValueGroupedDataset[K, V].flatMapGroupsWithState[S: Encoder, U: Encoder](
  outputMode: OutputMode,
  timeoutConf: GroupStateTimeout)(
  func: (K, Iterator[V], GroupState[S]) => Iterator[U]): Dataset[U]

flatMapGroupsWithState operator is used for Arbitrary Stateful Streaming Aggregation (with Explicit State Logic).

flatMapGroupsWithState requires that the given OutputMode is either Append or Update (and reports an IllegalArgumentException at runtime).

An OutputMode is a required argument, but does not seem to be used at all. Check out the question What’s the purpose of OutputMode in flatMapGroupsWithState? How/where is it used? on StackOverflow.

Every time the state function func is executed for a key, the state (as GroupState[S]) is for this key only.

  • K is the type of the keys in KeyValueGroupedDataset

  • V is the type of the values (per key) in KeyValueGroupedDataset

  • S is the user-defined type of the state as maintained for each group

  • U is the type of rows in the result Dataset

Internally, flatMapGroupsWithState creates a new Dataset with FlatMapGroupsWithState unary logical operator.

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