StreamingAggregationStateManagerImplV1 — Legacy State Manager for Streaming Aggregation

StreamingAggregationStateManagerImplV1 is the legacy state manager for streaming aggregations.

The version of a state manager is controlled using spark.sql.streaming.aggregation.stateFormatVersion internal configuration property.

StreamingAggregationStateManagerImplV1 is created exclusively when StreamingAggregationStateManager is requested for a new StreamingAggregationStateManager.

Storing Row in State Store — put Method

put(store: StateStore, row: UnsafeRow): Unit
put is part of the StreamingAggregationStateManager Contract to store a row in a state store.


Creating StreamingAggregationStateManagerImplV1 Instance

StreamingAggregationStateManagerImplV1 takes the following when created:

  • Attribute expressions for keys (Seq[Attribute])

  • Attribute expressions of input rows (Seq[Attribute])

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