StreamingSymmetricHashJoinHelper Utility

StreamingSymmetricHashJoinHelper is a Scala object with the following utility methods:

Creating JoinStateWatermarkPredicates — getStateWatermarkPredicates Object Method

  leftAttributes: Seq[Attribute],
  rightAttributes: Seq[Attribute],
  leftKeys: Seq[Expression],
  rightKeys: Seq[Expression],
  condition: Option[Expression],
  eventTimeWatermark: Option[Long]): JoinStateWatermarkPredicates

getStateWatermarkPredicates tries to find the index of the watermark attribute among the left keys first, and if not found, the right keys.

The watermark attribute is defined using Dataset.withWatermark operator.

getStateWatermarkPredicates determines the state watermark predicate for the left side of a join (for the given leftAttributes, the leftKeys and the rightAttributes).

getStateWatermarkPredicates determines the state watermark predicate for the right side of a join (for the given rightAttributes, the rightKeys and the leftAttributes).

In the end, getStateWatermarkPredicates creates a JoinStateWatermarkPredicates with the left- and right-side state watermark predicates.

getStateWatermarkPredicates is used exclusively when IncrementalExecution is requested to apply the state preparation rule for batch-specific configuration (while optimizing query plans with StreamingSymmetricHashJoinExec physical operators).

Join State Watermark Predicate (for One Side of Join) — getOneSideStateWatermarkPredicate Internal Method

  oneSideInputAttributes: Seq[Attribute],
  oneSideJoinKeys: Seq[Expression],
  otherSideInputAttributes: Seq[Attribute]): Option[JoinStateWatermarkPredicate]

getOneSideStateWatermarkPredicate finds what attributes were used to define the watermark attribute (the oneSideInputAttributes attributes, the left or right join keys) and creates a JoinStateWatermarkPredicate as follows:

getOneSideStateWatermarkPredicate creates no JoinStateWatermarkPredicate (None) for no watermark found.
getStateWatermarkPredicates is used exclusively to create a JoinStateWatermarkPredicates.

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