StreamProgress — Collection of Offsets per Streaming Source

StreamProgress is a collection of Offsets per streaming source.

StreamProgress is created when:

StreamProgress is an extension of Scala’s scala.collection.immutable.Map with streaming sources as keys and their Offsets as values.

Creating StreamProgress Instance

StreamProgress takes the following to be created:

Looking Up Offset by Streaming Source — get Method

get(key: BaseStreamingSource): Option[Offset]
get is part of the Scala’s scala.collection.MapLike to…​FIXME.

get simply looks up an Offsets for the given BaseStreamingSource in the baseMap.

++ Method

  updates: GenTraversableOnce[(BaseStreamingSource, Offset)]): StreamProgress

++ simply creates a new StreamProgress with the baseMap and the given updates.

++ is used exclusively when OffsetSeq is requested to convert to StreamProgress.

Converting to OffsetSeq — toOffsetSeq Method

  sources: Seq[BaseStreamingSource],
  metadata: OffsetSeqMetadata): OffsetSeq

toOffsetSeq creates a OffsetSeq with offsets that are looked up for every BaseStreamingSource.


toOffsetSeq is used when:

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