JoinStateWatermarkPredicate Contract (Sealed Trait)

JoinStateWatermarkPredicate is the abstraction of join state watermark predicates that are described by a Catalyst expression and desc.

JoinStateWatermarkPredicate is used to create a OneSideHashJoiner (and JoinStateWatermarkPredicates).

Table 1. JoinStateWatermarkPredicate Contract
Method Description


desc: String

Used exclusively for the textual representation


expr: Expression

A Catalyst Expression

Table 2. JoinStateWatermarkPredicates
JoinStateWatermarkPredicate Description


Watermark predicate on state keys (i.e. when the streaming watermark is defined either on the left or right join keys)

Created when StreamingSymmetricHashJoinHelper utility is requested for a JoinStateWatermarkPredicates for the left and right side of a stream-stream join (when IncrementalExecution is requested to optimize a query plan with a StreamingSymmetricHashJoinExec physical operator)

Used when OneSideHashJoiner is requested for the stateKeyWatermarkPredicateFunc and then to remove an old state


Watermark predicate on state values

JoinStateWatermarkPredicate is a Scala sealed trait which means that all the implementations are in the same compilation unit (a single file).

Textual Representation — toString Method

toString: String
toString is part of the java.lang.Object contract for the string representation of the object.

toString uses the desc and expr for the string representation:

[desc]: [expr]

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