MemoryPlan Logical Operator

MemoryPlan is a leaf logical operator (i.e. LogicalPlan) that is used to query the data that has been written into a MemorySink. MemoryPlan is created when starting continuous writing (to a MemorySink).

See the example in MemoryStream.
scala> intsOut.explain(true)
== Parsed Logical Plan ==
SubqueryAlias memstream
+- MemoryPlan [email protected], [value#21]

== Analyzed Logical Plan ==
value: int
SubqueryAlias memstream
+- MemoryPlan [email protected], [value#21]

== Optimized Logical Plan ==
MemoryPlan [email protected], [value#21]

== Physical Plan ==
LocalTableScan [value#21]

When executed, MemoryPlan is translated to LocalTableScanExec physical operator (similar to LocalRelation logical operator) in BasicOperators execution planning strategy.

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