KafkaOffsetRangeLimit — Desired Offset Range Limits

KafkaOffsetRangeLimit represents the desired offset range limits for starting, ending, and specific offsets in Kafka Data Source.

Table 1. KafkaOffsetRangeLimits
KafkaOffsetRangeLimit Description


Intent to bind to the earliest offset


Intent to bind to the latest offset


Intent to bind to specific offsets with the following special offset "magic" numbers:

  • -1 or KafkaOffsetRangeLimit.LATEST - the latest offset

  • -2 or KafkaOffsetRangeLimit.EARLIEST - the earliest offset

KafkaOffsetRangeLimit is a Scala sealed trait which means that all the implementations are in the same compilation unit (a single file).

KafkaOffsetRangeLimit is often used in a text-based representation and is converted to from latest, earliest or a JSON-formatted text using KafkaSourceProvider.getKafkaOffsetRangeLimit object method.

A JSON-formatted text is of the following format {"topicName":{"partition":offset},…​}, e.g. {"topicA":{"0":23,"1":-1},"topicB":{"0":-2}}.

KafkaOffsetRangeLimit is used when:

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