StreamsMetricsImpl is a concrete StreamsMetrics that…​FIXME

StreamsMetricsImpl is created when:

When requested for the metrics, StreamsMetricsImpl simply requests the Kafka Metrics for them.

StreamsMetricsThreadImpl is a custom StreamsMetricsImpl that is used…​FIXME…​for efficiency.

measureLatencyNs Method

void measureLatencyNs(final Time time, final Runnable action, final Sensor sensor)


measureLatencyNs is used when…​FIXME

Recording Latency with Sensor — recordLatency Method

void recordLatency(Sensor sensor, long startNs, long endNs)
recordLatency is part of StreamsMetrics Contract to record a latency with a Kafka Sensor.

recordLatency simply requests the input Kafka Sensor to record the latency (i.e. the difference between the input endNs and startNs timestamps).

Creating StreamsMetricsImpl Instance

StreamsMetricsImpl takes the following when created:

  • Kafka Metrics

  • Thread name

StreamsMetricsImpl initializes the internal registries and counters.

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