StoreChangeLogger is created when the following state stores are requested to initialize:

Creating StoreChangeLogger Instance

StoreChangeLogger takes the following to be created:

StoreChangeLogger initializes the internal properties.

logChange Method

void logChange(K key, V value) (1)
void logChange(K key, V value, long timestamp)
  1. Uses the ProcessorContext for the timestamp

logChange simply requests the RecordCollector to send the key and the value to the topic and the partition (using the keySerializer and the valueSerializer).


logChange is used when:

  • ChangeLoggingKeyValueBytesStore is requested to log

  • ChangeLoggingSessionBytesStore is requested to remove and put

  • ChangeLoggingWindowBytesStore is requested to log

  • ChangeLoggingTimestampedKeyValueBytesStore and ChangeLoggingTimestampedWindowBytesStore are requested to log

Internal Properties

Name Description


Used exclusively when StoreChangeLogger is requested to logChange.


The name of the changelog topic (given the application ID and the store name)

Used when…​FIXME

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