SinkNodeFactory is a custom NodeFactory that can build and describe a SinkNode.

SinkNodeFactory is created exclusively when InternalTopologyBuilder is requested to register a sink.

Building SinkNode — build Method

ProcessorNode build()
build is part of NodeFactory Contract to build a processor node.

build simply creates a SinkNode (with the name, the key serializer, the value serializer and the StreamPartitioner).

The name of the topic of the SinkNode is the topic with application id for an internal topic.

Creating SinkNodeFactory Instance

SinkNodeFactory takes the following when created:

  • Node name

  • Names of the predecessors

  • Topic name

  • Key Serializer

  • Value Serializer

  • StreamPartitioner

Describing SinkNode — describe Method

Sink describe()
describe is part of NodeFactory Contract to describe a processor node.


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