MaterializedInternal is a Materialized that…​FIXME

MaterializedInternal can be queriable which is…​FIXME

MaterializedInternal uses the loggingEnabled flag for…​FIXME

MaterializedInternal uses the cachingEnabled flag for…​FIXME

MaterializedInternal uses the topicConfig registry with mappings for…​FIXME

MaterializedInternal allows accessing the optional StoreSupplier.

MaterializedInternal uses the store name for…​FIXME

generateStoreNameIfNeeded Method

void generateStoreNameIfNeeded(
  final InternalNameProvider nameProvider,
  final String generatedStorePrefix)


generateStoreNameIfNeeded is used when…​FIXME

withLoggingDisabled Method

Materialized<K, V, S> withLoggingDisabled()

withLoggingDisabled turns the loggingEnabled flag off and removes all of the mappings from the topicConfig.

In the end, withLoggingDisabled returns the current Materialized instance.

withLoggingDisabled is used exclusively when InternalStreamsBuilder is requested to add a GlobalKTable to the topology.

Accessing Optional StoreSupplier — storeSupplier Method

StoreSupplier<S> storeSupplier()

storeSupplier simply returns the StoreSupplier.

storeSupplier is used when KeyValueStoreMaterializer, SessionWindowedKStreamImpl, and TimeWindowedKStreamImpl are requested to materialize a StoreBuilder.

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