PunctuationQueue manages a java.util.PriorityQueue of PunctuationSchedules.

Attempting to Punctuate — mayPunctuate Method

boolean mayPunctuate(
  long timestamp,
  PunctuationType type,
  ProcessorNodePunctuator processorNodePunctuator)

mayPunctuate takes the PunctuationSchedules off the PriorityQueue for which the timestamp is older (smaller) than the given timestamp.

mayPunctuate then requests the given ProcessorNodePunctuator to punctuate (with the node and the punctuator of every PunctuationSchedule, the given timestamp and the PunctuationType).

In the end, mayPunctuate returns whether a PunctuationSchedule was punctuated (true) or not (false).

mayPunctuate is used when StreamTask is requested to attempt to punctuate by stream and system time (with itself as the ProcessorNodePunctuator).

Scheduling Cancellable Periodic Action (Punctuator) — schedule Method

Cancellable schedule(PunctuationSchedule sched)


schedule is used when…​FIXME

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