RocksDbKeyValueBytesStoreSupplier is a KeyValueBytesStoreSupplier.

RocksDbKeyValueBytesStoreSupplier is created when Stores utility is used to create persistent KeyValueStores:

RocksDbKeyValueBytesStoreSupplier uses rocksdb-state metric scope for the metrics recorded by Metered stores.

Creating RocksDbKeyValueBytesStoreSupplier Instance

RocksDbKeyValueBytesStoreSupplier takes the following to be created:

  • Name

  • returnTimestampedStore flag

Supplying KeyValueStore — get Method

KeyValueStore<Bytes, byte[]> get()
get is part of the StoreSupplier Contract to supply (get) a state store.

get gives the following KeyValueStores:

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