KeyValueStoreMaterializer can materialize a StoreBuilder (of KeyValueStores) (based on the given MaterializedInternal).

KeyValueStoreMaterializer is created (and immediately requested to materialize a StoreBuilder) when:

KeyValueStoreMaterializer takes a single MaterializedInternal (with a KeyValueStore<Bytes, byte[]> state store) when created.

Materializing StoreBuilder (of KeyValueStores) — materialize Method

StoreBuilder<KeyValueStore<K, V>> materialize()

materialize creates ("materializes") a StoreBuilder (of KeyValueStores) based on the MaterializedInternal.

Internally, materialize requests the MaterializedInternal for the optional StoreSupplier (which is expected a KeyValueBytesStoreSupplier).

If not defined, materialize requests the MaterializedInternal for the store name and uses the Stores factory object for a new persistent KeyValueBytesStoreSupplier.

materialize uses the Stores factory object for a new StoreBuilder<KeyValueStore<K, V>> (for the KeyValueBytesStoreSupplier, the keySerde and the valueSerde of the MaterializedInternal).

materialize enables or disables the logging (of the StoreBuilder) per the loggingEnabled flag of the MaterializedInternal.

materialize enables caching (of the StoreBuilder) if caching is enabled for the MaterializedInternal.


materialize is used when:

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