KStreamSessionWindowAggregate — ProcessorSupplier of KStreamSessionWindowAggregateProcessors

KStreamSessionWindowAggregate is a KStreamAggProcessorSupplier that…​FIXME

KStreamSessionWindowAggregate is created when:

KStreamSessionWindowAggregate uses sendOldValues flag that is disabled (false) by default and can be enabled.

get Method

Processor<K, V> get()
get is part of ProcessorSupplier Contract to supply a stream processor.


Creating KStreamSessionWindowAggregate Instance

KStreamSessionWindowAggregate takes the following when created:

  • SessionWindows

  • Store name

  • Initializer<T>

  • Aggregator<? super K, ? super V, T>

  • Merger<? super K, T>

enableSendingOldValues Method

void enableSendingOldValues()
enableSendingOldValues is part of KStreamAggProcessorSupplier Contract to…​FIXME.

enableSendingOldValues simply turns the sendOldValues flag on.

mergeSessionWindow Internal Method

SessionWindow mergeSessionWindow(final SessionWindow one, final SessionWindow two)


mergeSessionWindow is used when…​FIXME

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