SourceNode is a ProcessorNode that…​FIXME

SourceNode is created exclusively when SourceNodeFactory is requested to build a processor node (when…​FIXME)

SourceNode gets a ProcessorContext when initialized. It is later used when SourceNode processes a record (and simply forwards it downstream).

init Method

void init(ProcessorContext context)
init is part of ProcessorNode Contract to…​FIXME.


Processing Record — process Method

void process(
  K key,
  V value)
process is part of ProcessorNode Contract to…​FIXME.

process simply requests ProcessorContext to forward followed by informing the sourceNodeForwardSensor that a record was processed.

Creating SourceNode Instance

SourceNode takes the following when created:

  • Node name

  • List of topics

  • TimestampExtractor

  • Key deserializer

  • Value deserializer

SourceNode initializes the internal registries and counters.

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