NodeFactory Contract

NodeFactory is the abstraction of processor node factories that can build and describe a processor node.

NodeFactory takes the following to be created:

  • Name of a processor to be built

  • Node predecessors (by their names) that a processor will be a child of

NodeFactory is a Java private static abstract class of InternalTopologyBuilder and cannot be created directly. It is created indirectly for the concrete processor node factories and only for and by InternalTopologyBuilder.
Table 1. NodeFactory Contract
Method Description


ProcessorNode build()

Builds a processor node

Used exclusively when InternalTopologyBuilder is requested to build a topology of processor nodes (aka processor topology)


AbstractNode describe()

Describes a processor node (using AbstractNode)

Used exclusively when InternalTopologyBuilder is requested to describeSubtopology (when requested to describe a topology)

Table 2. NodeFactories
NodeFactory Description



Factory of SinkNodes


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