SinkNode — ProcessorNode with no Child Nodes

SinkNode is a custom ProcessorNode with no child processor nodes.

SinkNode is created exclusively when SinkNodeFactory is requested to build a processor node (when InternalTopologyBuilder is requested to build a topology of processor nodes).

SinkNode uses a TopicNameExtractor for dynamic routing when processing a record.

Processing Record — process Method

void process(final K key, final V value)
process is part of ProcessorNode Contract to process a record.


Creating SinkNode Instance

SinkNode takes the following when created:

Adding Child Processor Node — addChild Method

void addChild(final ProcessorNode<?, ?> child)
addChild is part of ProcessorNode Contract to add a child processor node.

addChild simply throws an UnsupportedOperationException with the following message:

sink node does not allow addChild

Initializing Processor Node — init Method

void init(final ProcessorContext context)
init is part of ProcessorNode Contract to…​FIXME.


Describing Itself (Textual Representation) — toString Method

void toString(final ProcessorContext context)
toString is part of ProcessorNode Contract for the human-friendly / textual representation of a ProcessorNode.


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