ColumnarBatch is…​FIXME

ColumnarBatch is created when:

  • InMemoryTableScanExec is requested to createAndDecompressColumn

  • VectorizedParquetRecordReader is requested to initBatch

  • OrcColumnarBatchReader is requested to initBatch

  • ColumnVectorUtils is requested to toBatch

  • ArrowPythonRunner is requested for a Iterator[ColumnarBatch] (i.e. newReaderIterator)

  • ArrowConverters is requested for a ArrowRowIterator (i.e. fromPayloadIterator)


ColumnarBatch is an Evolving contract that is evolving towards becoming a stable API, but is not a stable API yet and can change from one feature release to another release.

In other words, using the contract is as treading on thin ice.

ColumnarBatch takes an array of ColumnVectors when created. ColumnarBatch initializes the internal MutableColumnarRow.

Table 1. ColumnarBatch’s Internal Properties (e.g. Registries, Counters and Flags)
Name Description


Number of rows



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