Partition Leader Election

Partition Leader Election is a process of electing a broker to be the leader of a partition.

Use utility for preferred or unclean leader election.

Note tool has been deprecated since Kafka 2.4.0 (cf. KIP-460: Admin Leader Election RPC).

Observe state.change.logger (default: state-change.log) to trace the process in the logs.

Internally, Kafka controller uses Election utility (and PartitionLeaderElectionAlgorithms) for the algorithms for partition leader election.

Preferred Partition Leader Election

Preferred Partition Leader Election is…​FIXME

Unclean Partition Leader Election

Unclean Partition Leader Election allows a non-ISR replica to be elected as a partition leader (as the last resort, even though doing so may result in data loss).

unclean.leader.election.enable configuration property is used to enable it cluster-wide (for any topic) or per topic.

Enable INFO logging level for kafka.controller.KafkaController logger to observe the process in the logs.

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