SslChannelBuilder is a ChannelBuilder for Kafka clients and brokers when security.protocol configuration property is SSL.

SslChannelBuilder is a ListenerReconfigurable.

SslChannelBuilder is created when ChannelBuilders utility is used to create a ChannelBuilder for SSL security protocol.

Creating SslChannelBuilder Instance

SslChannelBuilder takes the following to be created:

  • Mode (i.e. CLIENT or SERVER)

  • Listener name (only for SERVER channel builder)

  • isInterBrokerListener flag

SslChannelBuilder initializes the internal properties.

SslChannelBuilder and SslPrincipalMapper

SslPrincipalMapper sslPrincipalMapper

sslPrincipalMapper is a SslPrincipalMapper that is used to create a SslAuthenticator when SslChannelBuilder is requested to build a channel.

sslPrincipalMapper is created based on SSL principal mapping rules when SslChannelBuilder is requested to configure with ssl.principal.mapping.rules configuration property defined.

Creating KafkaChannel — buildChannel Method

KafkaChannel buildChannel(
  String id,
  SelectionKey key,
  int maxReceiveSize,
  MemoryPool memoryPool)
buildChannel is part of the ChannelBuilder contract to build a KafkaChannel.


configure Method

void configure(
  Map<String, ?> configs)
configure is part of the Configurable contract to pass configurations.

configure initializes the sslPrincipalMapper internal registry (using SslPrincipalMapper utility) if ssl.principal.mapping.rules configuration property is defined.

configure creates a SslFactory (for the mode and the isInterBrokerListener flag) and requests it to configure (with the given configs).

buildTransportLayer Method

SslTransportLayer buildTransportLayer(
  SslFactory sslFactory,
  String id,
  SelectionKey key,
  String host)


buildTransportLayer is used when SslChannelBuilder is requested to buildChannel.

Internal Properties

Name Description


Configuration properties


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