SslAuthenticator is an Authenticator for KafkaChannel when security.protocol configuration property is SSL.

SslAuthenticator is created (lazily as part of Supplier<Authenticator>) when SslChannelBuilder is requested to build a channel.

SslAuthenticator is an internal class of SslChannelBuilder.

Creating SslAuthenticator Instance

SslAuthenticator takes the following to be created:

SslAuthenticator initializes the KafkaPrincipalBuilder.

SslAuthenticator and KafkaPrincipalBuilder

KafkaPrincipalBuilder principalBuilder

principalBuilder is a KafkaPrincipalBuilder.

principalBuilder is created for SslAuthenticator based on the given configuration properties, the SslTransportLayer and the SslPrincipalMapper.

principal Method

KafkaPrincipal principal()
principal is part of the Authenticator contract to…​FIXME.


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