DescribeConfigsRequest is a message request with DescribeConfigs API key and the following properties:

  • Config resources with names (Map<ConfigResource, Collection<String>>)

  • includeSynonyms flag

  • Version

DescribeConfigsRequest is used exclusively by Kafka administration utilities (via KafkaAdminClient) to describe the configuration of specified resources which is handled by KafkaApis (on the broker).

DescribeConfigsRequest is created when:

DescribeConfigsRequest.Builder Utility

DescribeConfigsRequest.Builder is a request builder to build a DescribeConfigsRequest.

DescribeConfigsRequest build(short version)

DescribeConfigsRequest.Builder is used when…​FIXME

Creating DescribeConfigsRequest from Byte Buffer — parse Utility

DescribeConfigsRequest parse(ByteBuffer buffer, short version)


parse is used when…​FIXME

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