OffsetCommitRequest is a concrete AbstractRequest with OffsetCommit API key and the following:

  • Group ID

  • Generation ID

  • Member ID

  • Retention time

  • Offset data (Map<TopicPartition, PartitionData>)

  • Version

OffsetCommitRequest is used exclusively when ConsumerCoordinator is requested to send an OffsetCommitRequest to the group coordinator (a Kafka broker).

OffsetCommitRequest is created when:

OffsetCommitRequest.Builder Factory Object

OffsetCommitRequest.Builder is a concrete AbstractRequest.Builder factory object that can build an OffsetCommitRequest.

OffsetCommitRequest build(short version)

Creating OffsetCommitRequest from Byte Buffer — parse Factory Method

OffsetCommitRequest parse(ByteBuffer buffer, short version)


parse is used when…​FIXME

getErrorResponse Method

AbstractResponse getErrorResponse(int throttleTimeMs, Throwable e)
getErrorResponse is part of the AbstractRequest Contract to create a AbstractResponse for a failure.


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