ZkPartitionStateStore is a state store for a TopicPartition (as Partition).

ZkPartitionStateStore uses ZooKeeper as the state storage (using a KafkaZkClient).

ZkPartitionStateStore is created for a Partition.

Creating ZkPartitionStateStore Instance

ZkPartitionStateStore takes the following to be created:

Reading Topic Configuration (/config/topics ZNode) — fetchTopicConfig Method

fetchTopicConfig(): Properties
fetchTopicConfig is part of the PartitionStateStore contract to…​FIXME.

fetchTopicConfig reads the configuration properties from /config/topics/[topic] znode in ZooKeeper (deserialized from JSON).

Internally, fetchTopicConfig creates a new AdminZkClient with the KafkaZkClient.

fetchTopicConfig requests the AdminZkClient to read an entity configuration from ZooKeeper for topics entity for the topic of the TopicPartition.

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