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From GraphConnect:

rapidly growing world of graph databases and applications that make sense of connected data.

[TinkerPop3] TinkerPop 3.0.0.M6 Released -- A Gremlin Rāga in 7/16 Time

From TinkerPop3 documentation:

TinkerPop2 and below made a sharp distinction between the various TinkerPop projects: Blueprints, Pipes, Gremlin, Frames, Furnace, and Rexster. With TinkerPop3, all of these projects have been merged and are generally known as Gremlin. Blueprints → Gremlin Structure API : Pipes → GraphTraversal : Frames → Traversal : Furnace → GraphComputer and VertexProgram : Rexster → GremlinServer.

Excellent document - the welcome page of TinkerPop3 Documentation.

The purpose of this documentation is to describe the structure/process dichotomy at length and in doing so, explain how to leverage TinkerPop3 for the sole purpose of vendor-agnostic graph computing.

TinkerPop3 is the third incarnation of the TinkerPop graph computing framework.

TinkerPop3 is licensed under the popular Apache2 free software license. However, note that the underlying graph engine used with TinkerPop3 may have a difference license and thus, be sure to respect the license caveats of the vendor product.

When a graph vendor implements the TinkerPop3 structure and process APIs, their technology is consideredTinkerPop3-enabled and becomes nearly indistinguishable from any other TinkerPop-enabled graph system save for their respective time and space complexity.

Build TinkerPop3 using mvn clean install -DskipTests or for a faster build mvn clean install -DfeelingLucky.

Start Gremlin Server using bin/gremlin-server.sh conf/gremlin-server-neo4j.yaml


Gremlin Server is the replacement for Rexster. By default, communication with Gremlin Server occurs over WebSockets and exposes a custom subprotocol for interacting with the server.

Connecting via REST:

As a result, REST provides a fast way to get started with Gremlin Server. It also may represent an easier upgrade path from Rexster as the API for the endpoint is very similar to Rexster’s Gremlin Extension.

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