Schedulable is a private[spark] Scala trait. You can find the sources in org.apache.spark.scheduler.Schedulable.

There are currently two types of Schedulable entities in Spark:

Schedulable Contract

Every Schedulable follows the following contract:

  • It has a name.

    name: String
  • It has a parent Pool (of other Schedulables).

    parent: Pool

    With the parent property you could build a tree of Schedulables

  • It has a schedulingMode, weight, minShare, runningTasks, priority, stageId.

    schedulingMode: SchedulingMode
    weight: Int
    minShare: Int
    runningTasks: Int
    priority: Int
    stageId: Int
  • It manages a collection of Schedulables and can add or remove one.

    schedulableQueue: ConcurrentLinkedQueue[Schedulable]
    addSchedulable(schedulable: Schedulable): Unit
    removeSchedulable(schedulable: Schedulable): Unit
    schedulableQueue is java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentLinkedQueue.
  • It can query for a Schedulable by name.

    getSchedulableByName(name: String): Schedulable
  • It can return a sorted collection of TaskSetManagers.

  • It can be informed about lost executors.

    executorLost(executorId: String, host: String, reason: ExecutorLossReason): Unit

    It is called by TaskSchedulerImpl to inform TaskSetManagers about executors being lost.

  • It checks for speculatable tasks.

    checkSpeculatableTasks(): Boolean
    FIXME What are speculatable tasks?


getSortedTaskSetQueue: ArrayBuffer[TaskSetManager]


schedulableQueue: ConcurrentLinkedQueue[Schedulable]

schedulableQueue is used in SparkContext.getAllPools.

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