InputInfoTracker tracks batch times and input record statistics for all registered input dstreams. It is used when JobGenerator submits streaming jobs for a batch interval and in turn propagated to streaming listeners (as StreamingListenerBatchSubmitted events).

InputInfoTracker is managed by JobScheduler, i.e. it is created when JobScheduler starts and is stopped alongside.

InputInfoTracker uses internal registry batchTimeToInputInfos to maintain the mapping of batch times and input dstreams (i.e. another mapping between input stream ids and StreamInputInfo).

InputInfoTracker accumulates batch statistics for every batch when input streams are computing RDDs (and call reportInfo).


It is up to input dstreams to have these batch statistics collected (and requires calling reportInfo method explicitly).

The following input streams report information:


Enable INFO logging level for org.apache.spark.streaming.scheduler.InputInfoTracker logger to see what happens inside.

Add the following line to conf/

Refer to Logging.

Batch Intervals and Input DStream Statistics — batchTimeToInputInfos Registry

batchTimeToInputInfos: HashMap[Time, HashMap[Int, StreamInputInfo]]

batchTimeToInputInfos keeps track of batches (Time) with input dstreams (Int) that reported their statistics per batch.

Reporting Input DStream Statistics for Batch — reportInfo Method

reportInfo(batchTime: Time, inputInfo: StreamInputInfo): Unit

reportInfo adds the input inputInfo for the batchTime to batchTimeToInputInfos.

Internally, reportInfo accesses the input dstream reports for batchTime using the internal batchTimeToInputInfos registry (creating a new empty one if batchTime has not been registered yet).

reportInfo then makes sure that the inputInfo input dstream has not been registered already for the input batchTime and throws a IllegalStateException otherwise.

Input stream [inputStreamId] for batch [batchTime] is already added into InputInfoTracker, this is an illegal state

Ultimatelly, reportInfo adds the input report to batchTimeToInputInfos.

Requesting Statistics For Input DStreams For Batch — getInfo Method

getInfo(batchTime: Time): Map[Int, StreamInputInfo]

getInfo returns all the reported input dstream statistics for batchTime. It returns an empty collection if there are no reports for a batch.

Removing Batch Statistics — cleanup Method

cleanup(batchThreshTime: Time): Unit

cleanup removes statistics for batches older than batchThreshTime. It removes the batches from batchTimeToInputInfos registry.

When executed, you should see the following INFO message (akin to garbage collection):

INFO InputInfoTracker: remove old batch metadata: [timesToCleanup]

StreamInputInfo — Input Record Statistics

StreamInputInfo contains:

  1. The id of the input dstream

  2. The number of records in a batch

  3. A metadata (with Description)

Description is used in BatchPage (Details of batch) in web UI for Streaming under Input Metadata.
spark streaming kafka 0 10 webui details batch.png
Figure 1. Details of batch in web UI for Kafka 0.10 direct stream with Metadata

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