DataFrameWriter is a part of Structured Streaming API as of Spark 2.0 that is responsible for writing the output of streaming queries to sinks and hence starting their execution.

val people: Dataset[Person] = ...

import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.ProcessingTime
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.OutputMode.Complete
  1. queryName to set the name of a query

  2. outputMode to specify output mode.

  3. trigger to set the Trigger for a stream query.

  4. start to start continuous writing to a sink.

Specifying Output Mode — outputMode method

outputMode(outputMode: OutputMode): DataStreamWriter[T]

outputMode specifies output mode of a streaming Dataset which is what gets written to a streaming sink when there is a new data available.

Currently, the following output modes are supported:

  • OutputMode.Append — only the new rows in the streaming dataset will be written to a sink.

  • OutputMode.Complete — entire streaming dataset (with all the rows) will be written to a sink every time there are updates. It is supported only for streaming queries with aggregations.

Setting Query Name — queryName method

queryName(queryName: String): DataStreamWriter[T]

queryName sets the name of a streaming query.

Internally, it is just an additional option with the key queryName.

Setting How Often to Execute Streaming Query — trigger method

trigger(trigger: Trigger): DataStreamWriter[T]

trigger method sets the time interval of the trigger (batch) for a streaming query.

Trigger specifies how often results should be produced by a StreamingQuery. See Trigger.

The default trigger is ProcessingTime(0L) that runs a streaming query as often as possible.

Consult Trigger to learn about Trigger and ProcessingTime types.

Starting Continuous Writing to Sink — start methods

start(): StreamingQuery
start(path: String): StreamingQuery  (1)
  1. Sets path option to path and calls start()

start methods start a streaming query and return a StreamingQuery object to continually write data.

Whether or not you have to specify path option depends on the DataSource in use.

Recognized options:

  • queryName is the name of active streaming query.

  • checkpointLocation is the directory for checkpointing.

Define options using option or options methods.

foreach method

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