TungstenAggregationIterator — Iterator of UnsafeRows for HashAggregateExec Physical Operator

TungstenAggregationIterator is a custom AggregationIterator that is created when HashAggregateExec aggregate physical operator is executed (to process rows per partition).

val q = spark.range(10).
  groupBy('id % 2 as "group").
  agg(sum("id") as "sum")
val execPlan = q.queryExecution.sparkPlan
scala> println(execPlan.numberedTreeString)
00 HashAggregate(keys=[(id#0L % 2)#11L], functions=[sum(id#0L)], output=[group#3L, sum#7L])
01 +- HashAggregate(keys=[(id#0L % 2) AS (id#0L % 2)#11L], functions=[partial_sum(id#0L)], output=[(id#0L % 2)#11L, sum#13L])
02    +- Range (0, 10, step=1, splits=8)

import org.apache.spark.sql.execution.aggregate.HashAggregateExec
val hashAggExec = execPlan.asInstanceOf[HashAggregateExec]
val hashAggExecRDD = hashAggExec.execute

// MapPartitionsRDD is in private[spark] scope
// Use :paste -raw for the following helper object
package org.apache.spark
object AccessPrivateSpark {
  import org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD
  def mapPartitionsRDD[T](hashAggExecRDD: RDD[T]) = {
    import org.apache.spark.rdd.MapPartitionsRDD
    hashAggExecRDD.asInstanceOf[MapPartitionsRDD[_, _]]
// END :paste -raw

import org.apache.spark.AccessPrivateSpark
val mpRDD = AccessPrivateSpark.mapPartitionsRDD(hashAggExecRDD)
val f = mpRDD.iterator(_, _)

import org.apache.spark.sql.execution.aggregate.TungstenAggregationIterator
// FIXME How to show that TungstenAggregationIterator is used?

processInputs Internal Method

processInputs(fallbackStartsAt: (Int, Int)): Unit
processInputs is used when TungstenAggregationIterator is created (and sets the internal flags to indicate whether to use a hash-based aggregation or, in the worst case, a sort-based aggregation when there is not enough memory for groups and their buffers).

switchToSortBasedAggregation Internal Method

switchToSortBasedAggregation(): Unit
switchToSortBasedAggregation is used when TungstenAggregationIterator processInputs (and externalSorter is used).

next Method


hasNext Method


Creating TungstenAggregationIterator Instance

TungstenAggregationIterator takes the following when created:

TungstenAggregationIterator initializes the internal registries and counters.

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