LocalTableScanExec Physical Operator

LocalTableScanExec is a leaf physical operator with no children and producedAttributes being outputSet.

LocalTableScanExec is a result of applying BasicOperators execution planning strategy to LocalRelation and MemoryPlan logical query plans.

scala> Seq(1).toDS.explain(extended = true)
== Parsed Logical Plan ==
LocalRelation [value#1]

== Analyzed Logical Plan ==
value: int
LocalRelation [value#1]

== Optimized Logical Plan ==
LocalRelation [value#1]

== Physical Plan ==
LocalTableScan [value#1]
Table 1. LocalTableScanExec’s Metrics
name description


the number of output rows

When executed (as doExecute), LocalTableScanExec creates an RDD of InternalRows.

spark webui sql details for query localtablescan.png
Figure 1. LocalTableScanExec in SQL tab in web UI

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