InputAdapter Unary Physical Operator

InputAdapter is a unary physical operator (with CodegenSupport) that is an adapter to generate code for the single child operator that does not support whole-stage code generation but participates in such code generation for a structured query.

InputAdapter is created exclusively when CollapseCodegenStages inserts a WholeStageCodegenExec operator into a physical plan.

InputAdapter removes the star from a stringified tree representation of a physical plan (that WholeStageCodegenExec adds), e.g. for explain operator.

// explode (that uses Generate operator) does not support codegen
val ids = Seq(Seq(0,1,2,3)).toDF("ids").select(explode($"ids") as "id")
val query = spark.range(1).join(ids, "id")
scala> query.explain
== Physical Plan ==
*Project [id#150L]
+- *BroadcastHashJoin [id#150L], [cast(id#147 as bigint)], Inner, BuildRight
   :- *Range (0, 1, step=1, splits=8)
   +- BroadcastExchange HashedRelationBroadcastMode(List(cast(input[0, int, false] as bigint)))
      +- Generate explode(ids#143), false, false, [id#147]
         +- LocalTableScan [ids#143]

doProduce Method

doProduce(ctx: CodegenContext): String

doProduce generates a Java source code that consumes internal row of a single input RDD one at a time (in a while loop).

doProduce supports one input RDD only (that the single child generates when executed).

Internally, doProduce generates two terms input and row and uses the code from consume code generator.

doProduce is a part of CodegenSupport Contract to generate a Java source code.

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