Physical Plan Preparations Rules


For the time being, this page Physical Plan Preparations Rules serves mainly as a placeholder for the menu layout so the physical plan preparation rules show up nicely in the menu.

The page is merely a compilation of what you may have found on QueryExecution page.

QueryExecution has multiple phases of query execution in a so-called Structured Query Execution Pipeline.

Among the phases is the executedPlan phase that is one of the last phases in a query execution which is the result of executing physical preparation rules on a physical plan of a structured query.

Physical preparation rules are rules that transform a physical plan and produce a physical plan (i.e. Rule[SparkPlan]).

QueryExecution defines preparations batch of rules that are applied to a physical plan sequentially and include the following:

  1. ExtractPythonUDFs

  2. PlanSubqueries

  3. EnsureRequirements

  4. CollapseCodegenStages

  5. ReuseExchange

  6. ReuseSubquery

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